Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Scotland Adventure

So i took myself off to Edinburgh and Glagvegas for a week to explore all the gorgeous shops! Edinburgh's Royal Mile and the GrassMarket is packed with gorgeous little boutiques and quirky junk shops. I was in heaven!! I found a Gem of a little antique shop that had floor to ceiling glasswear and jewellery. I was in heaven!! Images of this will follow. Also The Red Door Gallery is a must as its full of gorgeous handmade stuff all from local artists!! This really is the place to open a Little boutique. Its one to think about for a few years time!! Then the train to Glasgow where i visited the most amazing Fabric shop!!! it was like Allidains Cave but with buttons and ribbons!!! Lots of little pieces of Silk to make some new Bridal Bouquets with!! (watch this space) So all in all Scotland is a must for an arty trip!! I'm thinking Brighton Next!